Montreal Canadiens Rebuild Part 4

All images are from NHL 19.

Welcome to part four of the Montreal Canadiens rebuild in NHL 19’s Franchise Mode. Click here to catch up on part one, part two and part three. As mentioned last week, this week’s post will entail the results of the draft lottery, the draft itself, the re-sign phase, and, of course, free agency.


Draft Lottery

And the results are…

Obviously, we did not win the lottery, but luckily, we did not fall either.


Draft Day

After a few hours of viewing data on players provided by our scouts, I pinpointed eight players who I believe have elite potential.

I realized there was no player that was intriguing at ninth overall, so I viewed trading blocks around the league. To my surprise, A. Nylander was on the block in Buffalo. The following trade was made to acquire him and the 17th overall selection in this year’s draft.

Since the team had a plethora of picks and only eight players were being targeted, I deferred some late picks to next year’s draft. Luckily, I was able to find trade partners and we selected everyone who we had hoped for.


Re-Sign Phase

Korpisalo was inked a two-year $2.925M deal. H. Fleury signed a one-year “prove-it” contract valued at $1.575M. Similarly, R. Murray inked a one-year “prove-it” contract valued at $5.325M.

Olofsson, M. Reilly, N. Scherbak, M. McCarron, A. Lehkonen and C. Hudon signed contract extensions.

I. Scott, S. Walford, J. Tyszka, J. Ylonen, C. Hillis and J. Olofsson signed entry-level contracts.


Free Agency

This year’s free agent class featured many high-end players including E. Karlsson. Seeing that players of this caliber were available I decided that it was time to turn this team around and become a legitimate contender. Since the team was swimming in cap space, I offered contracts left, right and center. The most notable signings were E. Karlsson, M. Stone, S. Bobrovsky, A. Duclair, D. Brassard and J. Skinner. This resulted in many players being forced down the depth chart and players such as M. Reilly and C. Lindgren were now expendable and traded for draft picks. Upon reviewing the roster, it was evident that we still required better defenders as Karlsson would not suffice on his own. However, the team was also very close to the cap-ceiling. I explored an A. Shaw trade and was able to make the deal below to dump his contract. Surprisingly, we did not have to retain any salary. Even though we now had the cap space, there were not many quality defenders remaining in free agency. I was forced to sign J. Ryan to fill the void temporarily as options would now have to be considered on the trade front.


Tune in next week for a captaincy announcement, season simulation and much more. Also, if you have any comments and/or suggestions please share them below in the comments section.

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