Montreal Canadiens Rebuild Part 1

The featured image is from NHL 19.

After leading the Vancouver Canucks to the Stanley Cup in NHL 19’s Playoff Mode I received the following comment.

In attempt to lead the Montreal Canadiens to their first Stanley Cup since 1993 I have been exploring a variety of options on how to accomplish this. I have considered making suggestions to the team by analyzing the aspects which led to the success of recent champions and how the Canadiens could implement similar elements into their team. However, something that works for one team may not work for another. So, I considered multiple options within NHL 19; most prominently Franchise, Season and Playoff Mode. Upon exploring the changes made to these modes in this year’s edition of the NHL series I have concluded that Franchise Mode provides the most freedom and flexibility as it offered a plethora of options compared to Season and Playoff Mode. Essentially, Franchise Mode would enable me to assume the role of a General Manager and attempt to build a dynasty.

Upon assuming the reigns from Marc Bergevin, I viewed the players listed on the rosters of the Canadiens, their AHL affiliate the Laval Rockets and prospects playing in other leagues. I also took into consideration the “status” of the team. Franchise Mode has four team statuses which entail rebuilder, hopeful, contender and champion. Montreal was listed with a hopeful status, but they have an aging core; with these players getting older and the team’s Stanley Cup window closing, the team’s future would have to be mortgaged to acquire the pieces needed to succeed. Thus, I realized that a rebuild was necessary to ensure perineal success of the team in the long run. I began to envision a plan which would include trading many players, primarily veterans, to offload salary and get younger through the acquisition of prospects and draft picks. The gapping hole left by trading these players would be filled internally or through free agency. As a rebuilding club, having a successful draft would be key in the future development of this team. After all, these prospects will be the ones leading this team back to glory.

Contingent upon the value that can be extracted from the current roster, the quality and development of prospects, the length of the rebuild may vary; it may range from a few seasons to many.

Tune in next week as I commence the rebuild of the Montreal Canadiens. If you have any suggestions or questions leave them down below in the comments and I will be sure to reply.

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